Cars on the Road is Finally Coming !! Here are the things you should know about the series

Cars on the Road is Finally Coming !! Here are the things you should know about the series

We have a piece of good news for over viewers today, cars on the road are finally here between us the Disney official Twitter handle posted a video about the upcoming series of cars on the road where we can see the Lightning McQueen and best friend Mater fighting on the road the series is produced by the Pixar for the Disney+, Disney+ official Twitter handle posted this video on 8th of December Disney+ is giving a peek to the viewers about the upcoming series cars on the road.

Is there any Trailer for Cars on the Road

Well yes the Disney+ has officially release a trailer for the upcoming series of cars on the road the length of the trailer is 2 minutes and 10 seconds as far as we can see in the trailer the Lightning McQueen and their best friend mater are back with a brand new adventure and thriller.

Cars on the Road Plot

cars on the road is an upcoming Series by the Disney Plus which is based on animation the series is completely animated with a Genre of animation, adventure, family, sport and comedy as we can see in the trailer The Lightning McQueen and their best friend mater running from a dragon in the desert The Lightning McQueen role is played by the Owen Wilson and Mater role is played by the Larry the cable guy the cars on the road series is written by the Steve Purcell and composed by the Jack Monaco in the country of United State with the running time of a single episode is around 12-15 minutes.

The trailer of the cars on the road has received very positive comments from the fans and their Viewers on their official Twitter handle even the trailer is trending in the United State with #carsontheroad and #disney+.

Things You Should Know About ‘Partner Track’ Season 2

Things You Should Know About ‘Partner Track’ Season 2

Partner track Season 1 I’m sure that you heard this name before because season 1 of Partner Track has recently launched on Netflix around 1 month ago, The Series receives very positive and beautiful reviews From the audience and fans. After watching season one fans start demanding season 2 but the creators has not given any official statement regarding partner track season 2 So, today we are here about to discuss the partner track season 2 whether is it coming or not if it is coming when will be able to see the season 2 on Netflix is season 2 release on Netflix or some other platform Here are the things that you should know about the partner track season 2.

Partner Track series that is currently available on Netflix is based on the partner track by Helen Wan this is developed by Georgia Lee the Cast of Partner Track is Arden Lim Cho, Alexandra Turshen, Bradley Gibson, Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Matthew Rauch, Roby Attal. The Series has 10 episodes in season 1 which is currently available in the English language and with the running time of around 45-48 minutes the series is officially available on Netflix only Netflix have the right to publish the series Partner Track season 1. The first season of series is released on August 26 2022. This Series is based on the genre of legal drama.

Partner Track’ Season 2 Renewed or Not ?

Well I think it’s too early to answer this question that the partner like season 2 is renewed or not as far as we know about the series there will be some story left in season 1 so we can expect that the creators have some plans regarding the season 2 but till now no one has officially announced that the partner track season 2 is coming or not so please stay tuned on this article as soon as there is any official information or announcement made by the creators we will update you through our post.

Is StartUp renewed for Season 4 on Netflix?

Is StartUp renewed for Season 4 on Netflix?

Is startup season 4 is coming on Netflix well the show has been officially canceled after the season 3 but we got some internal news which says that the startup season 4 is coming on Netflix well till now season 4 is not officially confirmed.

The startup series is started in 2016 and ended in 2018 startup season 1 premiered on September 6, 2016, and season 2 premiered on November 15, 2017, and third season is premiered on November 1, 2018, the startup series is created by Ben Ketai with the genre of crime and drama Starring cast is Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin, Mira Sorvino. The series is produced by Frances Lausell, Adam Brody, Ron Perlman, Edi Gathegi, and Josh Corbin. The series has 3 episodes and each season with a running time of around 45 to 80 minutes firstly the series is launched on Crackle (Service) but later on the creators also released all three seasons on Netflix so if you want to watch the startup series you just need a Netflix subscription and you can watch it on Netflix.

Is there any trailer for StartUp Season 4

Startup season 4 is not officially confirmed we just have a tip from some of the internal sources which say that the season 4 is finally coming on the Netflix so currently there is no official trailer released till now as soon as the creators will release any official trailer we will update you through our post so stay tuneed on the article.

Where we can watch StartUp Series

As we say early the startup series is firstly released on a platform called crackle which is currently owned by Sony. crackle is a free video streaming service founded in 2004 later the founder of crackle Josh Felser, Dave Samuel, Mike Sitrin and Aviv Eyal Sell the company to sony.Crackle has their headquarters in the California United States. but the good news is this that you can also watch the startup series on Netflix also as the series become very popular the creators have also released it on Netflix all three seasons are available on Netflix So, you can enjoy your series.

The “Last Seen Alive” Gerard Butler Movie Set To Be Released On Netflix Here are the details that you should know !!

The “Last Seen Alive” Gerard Butler Movie Set To Be Released On Netflix Here are the details that you should know !!

Last Seen Alive Gerard Butler upcoming movie set to be released on Netflix today we are going to discuss things about the Last Seen Alive movie what will be the release date where we can watch it in which language is the movie is going to release and everything we know about the movie so stay with us and enjoy the upcoming movie.

The last scene alive movie is directed by Brian Goodman written by Marc Frydman and the the cast of the movie is Gerard Butler as  Will Spann (Main Character), Jaimie Alexander as Lisa Spann (Will Spann Wife), Russell Hornsby as Detective Paterson, Ethan Embry as Knuckles, Michael Irby as Oscar, Cindy Hogan as Anna Adams, and Bruce Altman as Berry Adams the movie is released on United state in English language and has a running time of 95 minutes the movie is released on theatre on 3rd of June, 2022 but now the movie is set to be released on the Netflix.


The Last Seen Alive movie is based on an action drama and Thriller the story starts with the Ex-wife of Will Spann (Gerard Butler) is mysteriously vanished at the gas station and after searching a lot here and there Will Spann (Gerard Butler) can’t able to find his ex-wife.

Last Seen Alive Release Date

Last Seen Alive is said to be released by the creators on Netflix on Saturday 1st of October 2022 although the theatreical release of the movie is already available you can also watch it from your nearest theatre but if you don’t want to go to the theatre you can enjoy the movie from on Netflix on October 1st, 2022.

Last Seen Alive Trailer

Last Seen Alive has already released its official trailer on YouTube we already added the trailer to our post also you can watch it here and enjoy the trailer the official trailer of last seen live was released 4 months ago and in just four months the trailer hit 3.1 million views on YouTube so we can expect that the movie is going to hit on Netflix so let’s see what happen if you have any thoughts feel free to comment it down.

Raymond and Ray (2022) Review

Raymond and Ray (2022) Review

Raymond and Ray (2022) Review

In an industry multiplying with superheroes and dream stories, a second to think back on one's life is rare and consequently, reviving to watch.

STORY: Stepbrothers Raymond and Beam drive together to finish the internment and burial service of their harmful, cruel dad. They find many astonishments that their dad abandoned for them, setting off contemplation over their past and their embraces the here and now.

Survey: Watching Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke together can energize any film buff. 'Raymond and Beam', their most recent film where they play stepbrothers, draws out their fellowship onscreen. In any case, it misses the mark regarding being momentous or giving a connecting with emotional story that you will recall a short time later. A dramedy that handles serious subjects like youth maltreatment from a dad, abuse of teens, and alienation from a parent with a light touch, 'Raymond and Beam' feels like a deficient encounter that didn't share its whole story.

Raymond and Beam, stepbrothers whose names sound comparable, drive to cover their alienated dad. The dad hit them with a belt, mistreated them, caused them to feel substandard, and furthermore treated their dead moms savagely. He was a terrible father however he could fascinate his direction into ladies' souls and be very well known socially. While Raymond, the calmer, more adjusted sibling is looking for conclusion by covering his dad, Beam, the unpredictable jazz trumpeter who is battling to look for a decent job, is getting it together. He is six years sober and has abandoned his incessant undertakings, despite the fact that his affinity for being a tease normally major areas of strength for holds. Both have basically no cheerful recollections of their dead dad however wind up attracted to satisfy his last wishes for a memorial service and an entombment. As they venture together, they find that their dad has pressed a ton of treat for his young men, including an interest that they dig his grave. Each time another shock is uncovered, Raymond and Beam wind up scrutinizing how they might interpret their dad, or an image of an imprudent and unusual man arises.

Chief Rodrigo Garcia, who is likewise a productive maker of Television programs and OTT series, has constructed a close to consistent with life universe of these two siblings who need to saddle costs and responsibilities regarding a terrible parent. With Ethan Hawke pulling an ad libbed regular execution and Ewan McGregor drawing out his typical man carry on like his job in 'Christopher Robin', their discussions and contentions make for the most awesome aspect. Fascinating side characters, similar to their dad's attendant (Sophie Okonedo) and his last darling (Maribel Verdu) make space for thoughtfulness for both driving men as they evaluate their dad through another person's eyes. Yet, the film misses the mark regarding really exposing overwhelming inclinations like alienation and lament. This dead dad has little recovery, yet the siblings contend and stew however never sincerely look for a last end to their pained fatherly bond. It likewise packs in a lot of uncovers as Raymond and Beam set about quitting for the day father's life, which gets fairly unsurprising towards the end.

This parody show is a smooth survey insight, suggestive of comparative dramedies and fraternity stories of the Seventies and Eighties. At the point when the siblings pretty much find time for the intense errand of digging a grave, more youthful kin and relatives appear; individuals they have no clue even existed. With many uncovers pressed in, maybe the movie endeavors to guide our focus toward the gravity of life and passing, and the lost season of not speaking with one's folks or relatives. Yet, it never entirely stirs things up around town notes. With two entertainers that can turn characters around, there was space for additional inclination and responses to difficult cherished recollections. Here, the story skirts around these issues, never handling them head-on or standing firm.

'Raymond and Beam' includes a pondering perspective, of two developed men whose lives never entirely take off, as would be natural for Beam. In an industry multiplying with superheroes and dream stories, a second to think back on one's life is rare and in this way, reviving to watch. Past that, this film never ascends to anything past normal, which is disheartening. Watch it for the exhibitions of Hawke and McGregor.

Mr. Harrigan's Phone (2022) Review

Mr. Harrigan's Phone (2022) Review

John Lee Hancock has made a decent film if one somehow managed to see 'Mr. Harrigan's Telephone' simply according to a film viewpoint.

STORY: Set in a timeframe in America when the iPhone was gradually making advances, this film is about a kid and an extremely rich person. At the point when the tycoon bites the dust, a bizarre puzzling association actually stays between the two.

REVIEW: The intention of the film is extremely clear. Attempt to utilize the money of ‘Stephen King’ and gain whatever number eyeballs as could be expected under the circumstances. Yet, unfortunately, the brief tale by Stephe Ruler that the producers have selected to put together their film with respect to has no teeth and stays a non-starter. However chief John Lee Hancock has made a decent film for certain fine exhibitions by its two leads, it’s the tale of Stephen Lord that ruins the party. One truly marvels at the decision of the story considering names like John Lee Hancock, Ryan Murphy, and Jason Blum are joined to the film. 'Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone' follows every one of the standard figures of speech that one will find in a Stephen Lord transformation. Here as well, we see a marriage between an unassuming community and the heavenly. In any case, one truly asks why this film is being depicted as a thriller when it has literally nothing to offer.

The story is about Craig (Jaeden Martell), who lives with his dad. He is a focused youngster and figures out the injury of his dad. To bring in some additional cash as an afterthought and help his dad with his monetary weight, he consents to peruse books to the nearby extremely rich person, Mr. Harrigan (Donald Sutherland). With the section of years, the two become close, and when he brings in some cash in a scratch card lottery, he gifts an iPhone to Mr. Harrigan. At the point when Mr. Harrigan bites the dust, the relationship is conveyed forward as Craig continues to get obscure instant messages from Mr. Harrigan’s iPhone. At the point when his #1 instructor and the person who menaces him at school kick the bucket, he then, at that point, begins to address things.

There are numerous things that conflict with this film. The film is incredibly sluggish paced, it has no characterized plot, and no work has been made by the journalists to foster the two lead characters. The film neglects to make sense of Mr. Harrigan’s weird way of behaving on occasion and Craig’s rationale in being in contact with a dead man. Never in the film do you get terrified, and the rushes basically remain non-existent. There is likewise a succession in the film when Mr. Harrigan makes an expectation about how daily will come when these ‘gizmos’ will control everything, and soon we see a lot of understudies playing in one corner of the container with their telephones. This was essentially not needed and looks jaded.

On the other hand, John Lee Hancock has made a decent film if one somehow managed to see 'Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone' simply according to a film point of view. The state of mind of an unassuming community and the way of behaving of those living there have been effectively deciphered onto the screen, yet it’s the plot and the center story that really let him down.

Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell look very skillful in their jobs. Sutherland draws out the power and the idiosyncrasies of an extremely rich person who, at this phase of his life, hates meeting individuals and consequently has made his house in the open country. Jaeden Martell, then again, supplements Sutherland with his exhibition. The truthfulness of somebody who understands things well notwithstanding being a youngster is very much brought out. As a matter of fact, the scenes when he peruses the works of art to Sutherland’s character and the little discussion that follows between the two are the most fascinating successions with regards to the film. This blood and gore movie has nothing fascinating to offer. As a matter of fact, this film shows one thing to movie producers: that Stephen King’s books and novellas are all not gold.

The Last Song (2010) Review

The Last Song (2010) Review

The Last Song (2010) Review

The Last Song is a 2010 American coming-of-age teen romantic drama film developed alongside Nicholas Sparks' 2009 novel of the same name. The film was directed by Julie Anne Robinson in her feature film directorial debut and co-written by Sparks and Jeff Van Wie.

Last Song stars Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and Greg Kinnear, and follows a troubled teenager as she reconnects with her estranged father and falls in love during a summer in a quiet Southern United States beach town.

Sparks was approached to write both the film's screenplay and the novel. Sparks completed the screenplay in January 2009, prior to the completion of the novel, making The Last Song his first script to be optioned for film.

The setting, originally in North Carolina like the novel, relocated to Georgia after the states had campaigned for months to host production. Upon beginning production in Tybee Island, Georgia, and nearby Savannah, The Last Song became the first movie to be both filmed and set in Tybee Island.

Filming lasted from June 15 to August 18, 2009, with much of it occurring on the island's beach and pier.

The Last Song was released by Touchstone Pictures on March 31, 2010. The film garnered negative reviews from critics, with many criticizing the script and Cyrus's performance, but grossed $89 million worldwide against a $20 million budget making it a box office success.

It was released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 17, 2010.