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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Apple already acknowledges the original HomePod as vintage.

Apple already acknowledges the original HomePod as vintage.

According to Apple, the iPhone X, original AirPods, and original HomePod are now regarded as "vintage," as MacRumors initially reported.

It may therefore hurt to learn that Apple already views the six-year-old speaker as "vintage" if you are one of the owners of a first-generation HomePod, or several, like the person I sold my HomePod to in 2022.

Although goods that Apple stopped distributing more than five to less than seven years ago are officially covered by its vintage label, you can still get service for vintage products from Apple and approved repair shops.

However, considering that it only stopped selling the original HomePod three years ago, it appears that Apple is moving the device along more quickly. Apple did not respond to a request for comment right away.

Apple maintains that this milestone applies to items the company stopped shipping more than seven years ago, although it hasn't yet declared the first-generation HomePod, first-generation AirPods, or iPhone X "obsolete." After that point, Apple won't provide hardware support.

However, you might want to take care of those sooner rather than later if you have several original HomePods around your house and they require maintenance (I hope that's not the case for the person who owns my old HomePod!). (I'm sure upgrading to the HomePod Mini or second-generation HomePod would be preferable to Apple.)

We ought to extend our gratitude to the original AirPods and the iPhone X as well.

When the iPhone X was unveiled in 2017, it had a sleek design and was the company's first phone to use Face ID. And the original AirPods were likely the first truly wireless earphones to become popular when they were released in 2016; I recall being quite impressed when I bought a pair.

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